Funding Consulting


We evaluate all existing or new projects within the framework of the funding legislation, check the complete use of the facilities, determine the usable funding and obtain the funding certificate and advise you in the final phase.
Tur-an Consulting uses its industry experience and expertise to calculate the investment opportunity report, including all financial forecasts and risks of your company’s investments. The legal documents to be submitted to the state and the grant certificate to be obtained are carried out by the investment department of Tur-an Consulting in accordance with the grant legislation in the region in which the investment is made.

Teşvik danışmanlığı hizmeti
  • Advisory services on investment support measures,
  • Receipt by the Directorate General for Funding Operations of the grant documents linked to the annex,
  • Closure of the investment promotion certificate, completion of the expertise and visa,
  • Consulting services on the relevant topics,
  • Consulting services for investments in used machinery,
  • Consulting services on export promotion,
  • Support in receiving and completing internal documents,
  • Advisory services for funding in priority development regions,
  • Consulting services for the implementation of industrial zones,
  • Consulting services on technology development zones,
  • Consulting services on organized industrial zones,
  • Consulting services on tax and fee exemption applications.

In addition, our services relating to the linking of your investments with the investment promotion certificate can be listed as follows;

  • Advice on promotion legislation,
  • Preparation of lists and documents for the receipt of a subsidy certificate for investors,
  • Application for an investment incentive certificate,
  • Meetings with the undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance to discuss problems and problematic issues,
  • Requests for revision and renewal of investment incentive certificates,
  • Preparation of files to complete investment incentive certificates and visa documents,

We are looking forward to answering your questions!