Company formation and registration process


At Tur-an Consulting, all new companies founded by our existing clients, no matter what industry they operate in, and all legal documents, regulations are drawn up, submitted to the relevant government institutions and all registration procedures for the establishment of the company are carried out by us. Once the company has been set up, Tur-an Consulting’s experienced staff will carry out the company’s procedures, such as the tax office, the social security office, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the first approvals for document printing.

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We will take care of you on the basis of the most accurate, quickest and strictest secrecy about the process of founding a company.

  • Preparation of the articles of association of the company and all other legal documents,
  • Preparation of the articles of association,
  • Tracking and completing start-up procedures,
  • Consulting on the application for certificates to be provided in accordance with the relevant legislation,
  • Carrying out and completing registration procedures with the tax office, social security office and other public institutions.

Business Mergers and Acquisitions


How do you measure and maintain the value that mergers and acquisitions bring to your business? All types of mergers, acquisitions or divestitures are associated with their specific risks and challenges. Technical know-how and experience are required to overcome the difficulties that arise at each step of the process. With our technical knowledge and experience, we are ready to support you at every stage and help you complete your business successfully. Our support in your mergers and acquisitions not only extends to the preparation and execution of the process, but we continue to support your business with our consulting services in the post-transaction integration phase.

As Tur-an Consulting, we provide our investors with the most accurate and timely information with the reports generated by reviewing the legal and financial conditions of a company or asset relating to a company or individual to be prepared in accordance with local laws and regional/industry risks.

Company Status Assessment Report


Financial DueDiligence is a type of review requested by investors to analyse the financial position, legal form and performance of the target company in the purchase of shares or assets.

The most important feature of Financial DueDiligence Studies is the application of various analytical, investigative and testing methods in each financial aptitude project according to the characteristics of the companies to be acquired. In this sense, no financial due diligence report is similar to the content and methods used.

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